Rock chips on your windshield can be a big pain.
We make them pain-free.®

See our pain-free guarantee® below.


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Pain-free Guarantee®

There are four gotchas or pain-points we solve.

1. Price inflating, funneling

3. Misleading Warranties

2. Inconvenient Scheduling

4. Inexperienced Techs

Here's how we solve it.

Protecting your wallet from gouging

Some companies inflate the price of a windshield repair because they know the insurance company will pay more. They do this to push you into an insurance claim that you may not want.

With our Price Protection we hit this pain-point head-on with a competitively low price. Basically we make paying out of pocket a viable option. Our mobile windshield repair is a good deal at a fair price.

Fast Turnaround

If you have tried to get a mobile windshield repair scheduled with other companies, you know it is a hassle, often a week or even two weeks out, not to name names.

Can your chip last that long in the extreme heat or cold? Give us fair-warning and we'll get you done the same day. We promise. That's what we call a fast turnaround!

A Real Warranty

We like to be up front. And put things in writing. And we think we should be responsible for what we do.

We don't like to throw stones (get it?) but some company's national lifetime warranty protects the company more than you. Not ours. We offer the best warranty in the industry. A complete money-back guarantee. In addition, if the windshield cracks while we are working on it, we offer $50 of our own money toward a replacement. We will also do re-repairs as necessary.

Experienced Techs

All of our techs are properly vetted and very knowledgeable about windshield repairs.